Creating a home that is welcoming, fits your lifestyle, that is also stylish and meets all your needs. Where you can create memories, entertain friends and family and it is a reflection of who you are - this is what I do best.

Every project can be, and often is, different. From your individual needs for your home to the complexity of the property itself. Which is why I develop personalised visions for your project and create bespoke designs to fit your needs. I communicate visually to inspire and bring to life those ideas. My project process brings you into the design journey whilst also enabling me to communicte ideas and plans with all involved.

Whether you don't have the time, are lacking inspiration, uncertain on where to start, or just want to make sure you get it right, book a call and let's talk.

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You've put off making changes until you 'find the time'.

You only meant those curtains/lampshades/sofas to be temporary but they're still there years later.

You feel like your home lacks personality and personal touches.

You've driven yourself (and probably your partner too) mad with indecision and not knowing how to make your home work for you.


You dream of that moment where you can pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up on a Sunday night and look at your home and love everything you see.

Are you ready to.....

Have your ideas elevated and visions brought to life?

Finally achieve rooms that have flow and feel cohesive? 

Have a home that has creativity interjected throughout?

Know that the details and the all the time consuming research has been taken care of?

​Full design service is all about taking you on a journey from initial concepts to placing the final item. To keep you in control of your dream home and your budget I offer a variety of services which I can build to create a package bespoke for your project.

This could include:

  •  At home or on-site visits

  • Deep dive into you and your home needs

  • Assessing the initial space and potential plans

  • Digital colour schemes & room design mood boards

  • Proposed floor plans; drawn to scale

  • Lighting and electrical plans

  • Furniture layouts

  • Joinery design and drawings

  • 3D visualisation to bring the space to life

  • Sourcing finishes, fixtures and fittings

  • Furniture, accessories and decorative item sourcing with a complete digital shopping list

  • Window treatment design

  • Decorating, finish and build schedules

  • Communications with trades 

  • Procurement and furniture installation

  • Styling & Photographing the project on completion

Pricing is per project based on project requirements, complexity and timeframes. As an estimate a full service for a complete room renovation requiring joinery design, lighting and electrical plans, install support and final styling would start around £1300.



We always start with a consultation at your property so I can get to know you, your home and your project needs. During this time we discuss ideas, needs, timelines and budgets. I also take photos and measurements.



I create concept ideas using inspirational mood boards, floorpans, colour schemes, design solution ideas to visually communicate the vision for your space. Together we work to decide on the final design scheme to take forward.



Once the final design has been chosen I begin the detailed design process of building up the detail on this design with 3D visualisations, room elevations, detailed joinery drawings, complete colour and materials scheme, detailed decorating schedule, soft furnishings, wall decor and styling, furniture, fixtures and equipment sourcing.



With plans confirmed, trades people can get booked in. I will attend home visits to discuss the design ideas with your tradespeople. Where needed I will problem solving or making small amendments to the design to incorporate changes. I will then start the procurement of your items arranging the deliveries and making collections from stores or suppliers.



As your project gets to completion and is ready for the finish touches, I will source all the final details and arrange an install day to bring your room together, style and be photographed.

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