Helping people turn their houses into homes. Homes that become places to make memories, are uniquely you and work for your lifestyle.

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''Houses are the bricks, the wood and materials, a house is where post gets delivered. Homes are about people; the people that live there, their personalities, their passions and their happiness'' - Miriam, Interior Designer

The Cook's House Interior Design is an interior design & styling business based in Harbury, Warwickshire. Specialising in residential homes, our focus is about helping people fall in love with their homes again. Through using design to help bring personality into a home and to create stylish but functional homes that work for the client's lifestyle.


Founded and run by Miriam Scullion, the business was started whilst she lived in an old cottage in a sleepy Warwickshire village. The cottage is attached to a 19th Century Manor House and it is where the Manor House cook and kitchen staff would have lived! It still has the unique features of this victorian cottage; fireplaces in every room, a cold store/larder and even meat hooks hanging from the kitchen ceiling! This cottage represents what Miriam loves about design; helping tell a story of the house and those who live there, how the kitchen is often the heart of the home and brings people together and this is exactly what a well designed home can do.

Hi, I'm Miriam!

I'm an interior designer with previous experience across a range of other business areas; legal, marketing, event management, online retail, product development, innovation and social enterprise. What this means is not only do I bring my interior design skills and knowledge but you get a whole host of other skills that I've developed over the years. When your home project involves multiple trades people, managing budgets, keeping to timelines and consistently problem solving - my skill set comes into its own.


My passion has always been for interior design and the ability to come up with unique solutions, use my eye for detail and flair for creativity is one of the reasons I love what I do.

But more importantly is how much I believe homes are so important to our lives. These days, home are so multipurpose; where we work, where we rest and sleep, where we have parties, a place for quiet nights in, a space for the steady stream of laundry....

But they are also places where we make memories, in the kitchen we try out our Master Chef dreams, in the playroom the children learn new skills that could one day be businesses, we build relationships in them, laugh off bad days, cry over sad life moments, we spend time with others, celebrate milestones and so much more.


That's why your home should be about you; your style, your lifestyle and your dreams for how you want to live. This is why I design your home with the same enthusiasm and consideration as if it was my own.

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