Whether its struggling to bring your vision to life, trying to find a solution to a problem area, not being sure how to bring a space together or needing advice on placements for artwork and accessories - sometimes we just need to chat things through with someone?

When a full design service isn't quite what you need right now but you would benefit from some time to discuss ideas, plans and solutions with a professional, the online digital consultation is an easy and accessible service to help you with your home.


We can discuss a whole range of topics, you decide what you need to focus on. Areas we can cover include;

- Colour scheme choices

- Painting and decorating ideas

- Wallpaper choices

- Room layout and furniture placement

- How to work with existing furniture or re-use and up-cycle

- Lighting needs for the room and ideas

- Storage and organisation needs and ideas to solve storage problems

- How to bring the room together with styling and accessories

- Window treatment options and ideas

- How to add more greenery and recommended greenery for your well-being

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£100 per consultation


Daytime, evening and weekend slots available.

how does

it work?

1. Get in touch to book a date in the diary. The visit usually lasts between 1-1.5 hours. I will send a pre-meeting questionnaire for you to complete and some questions to think about.

2. Ahead of our meeting I will confirm any particular design answers you need answering during our session. This is a good time for you to share with me inspiration images so I can understand your style vision.

3. Following our meeting I will follow up with a notes of everything we discussed plus any useful follow up links of items referenced or that I think might be of interest.

4. I will then follow up by email a week later to see how you are getting on. 

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