The Details of Design - 8 Stunning Home Details

Possibly one of my favourite parts of design are the details. Often my first ideas for a space are those smaller elements, the things you could add that would really level up the room and bring the space together.

''The details are not the details. They make the design.'' - Charles Eames

Here are some of my favourite recent inspirations for design details. These are the parts that are not necessarily big statements but if done well, they will add something special to a space. The details can also be the parts that can cost more time and money; so if you are on a budget, rather than give up on going detailed or bespoke just decided which ones to prioritise.

  1. Sunburst Art Deco inspired door handles in semi-bronze (Philip Watts Design)

2. Matching the colour of the kitchen drawers to the worktop but keeping the cupboard surrounds different sets of those draws! The simple shaker style border is wider then the traditional design and along with the slim handles makes the overall design feel modern but still timeless. (

3. The shadow gap along the edge of these stairs and the wall - you don't need it but it 100% adds a depth and helps the stairs feel almost like they are seamlessly coming out of the wall (

4. Subtle but practical walkway lighting - these could work both externally along a garden path or driveway or internally in hallways or leading up the stairs. Adding these along side flushed skirting would bring a modern/transitional style to a room.


5. Sleek drawer handles for a modern kitchen. The external finish contrasting with the wood goes even further to help these carved handles stand out in this kitchen. (

6. Don't forget about the those little things around the home - perhaps not door numbers for each room (like this hotel one) but for the front door or instead of numbers patterns for something different at night around the home or garden. (

7. Flooring can get the detail treatment too - like this timber herringbone floor with contrast border and brass trim - using this technique would be a great way to signal different zones across an open plan room. (

8. You don't have to stick to plain switches or plug sockets. As things you'll use every single day, why not have something that will make you smile + for hardware that you will use repeatedly its worth it to invest in good quality that will last. (Anthropologie)

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