Updated: Jul 23, 2020

If you create a space that is designed to help you work, it will do just that.

Neutral Home Office Mood Board - A neutral, calming and organised home office. Created by: Miriam Scullion, The Cook’s House Interior Design

Don’t underestimate the power of a space, where you are probably spending a large portion of your day working. Not only can your physical health suffer from trying to work without a proper set up, but so could your mental ability to feel efficient, organised and focused. But rather than just making your home office functional, making it stylish as well will be worth the investment.

Before you start, determine who will be using the space, how much storage will be needed, ensure you have measured the space well and it has access to at least 1 plug socket.

Colours and Wallpaper -

A neutral foundation on the walls creates a calming atmosphere. The simple but contemporary design of this wallpaper has a vertical thrust, which would create height when used alongside a light ceiling.

Desk -

Choose a desk or table with enough space for the set up you need. A simple console type desk with drawers is unobtrusive. Whereas a modular fixed system (like Jory from can provide lots of additional storage. A comfortable chair is essential too, but this doesn’t mean trading out style, as these Anthropologie swivel desk chairs show.

Positioning -

Where possible, positioning a desk close to a window to access natural sunlight, but avoid sitting with your back to the window to reduce screen glare. Similarly, placing the desk diagonally across from the doorway will allow a clear site of vision. If you’re right-handed, place your desk so light comes in from your left, and if left-handed that it comes from your right. When adding in a task light for those evenings and grey days, positioning it using the same rule - this is to avoid shadowing from your hand when working.

Storage -

Where possible paperless is better but if you do have lots of documents, folders and books, these could be kept on shelving, in another room if not needed regularly or simple storage boxes or trunks could do the trick. Having somewhere to put away everything at the end of each day will be essential for keeping the space organised and uncluttered. Finally, adding in details to your office will be key to bringing the whole room together - rugs can be like artwork for your floor; choose one that matches the colour scheme.

If you're planning on updating or creating an office space - check out this download to help you plan the update or if you need help or don't have the time then my e-design service might be useful.

Moodboard Product List

Wallpaper - Graham & Brown, Indigo Grey - Priced per metre.

Bourbon Vintage Desk,, £249

Camilla Swivel Chair in Denim, Anthropologie, £598

Lamp - Collet,, £69

Light-shade - Goal from House Doctor, Recycled Glass, Amara, £32.80

Image 7 - Bronx Azurite Rug, John Lewis, Small £240

Image 8 - Metal Trunks, A by Amara, Amara, £60

Image 9 - Pickle Decorative Ornament in Brass, Amara, Large £33 Small £25

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