With the change of the clocks, we are now officially into British Summer Time...although as we know, it takes a little while for Britain to warm up! But if you're feeling ready to brighten up your home then having a refresh can be perfect for making your home feel ready for warmer days.

Changing up a space to feel fresher and brighter can be as simple as de-cluttering and moving pieces around the home. I am a huge fan of 'shopping the home', finding pieces used elsewhere and putting them somewhere different - this can be a great way to make a space feel new. Refreshing a space can also include swapping out accessories and decor pieces to bring in new colours and textures. If you are looking to swap items, this doesn't mean needing to get rid of them; they could work somewhere else in the home or, if possible, store them until the seasons change.


Top Tips for Making A Space Feel Refreshed

  1. Move furniture around to find a new furniture layout

  2. Take visually heavier looking furniture or accessories and swap these for slimmer, simpler and lighter looking items.

  3. Create space on the floor - by swapping furniture that sits on the floor for pieces that sit on legs off the floor. You even hack your existing items and add legs to create this look.

  4. Swap out colours for softer, cooler and lighter shades. You don't need to change up your colour scheme - just take the colours you already use in your cushions, throws, small decorative pieces and swap them for lighter versions. Dark green for olive green, dark grey for dove grey, midnight blue for a sky blue etc.

  5. Bring the outside in - if you're not a fan of plants, can't have them in the home or just can't keep them alive; adding in a faux plant can still bring the visual feeling of nature. If faux isn't something for you, then instead bring nature elements in through pattern and design. Such as floral or leaf designs on cushions, a nature inspired art print on the wall, decorative vases/bowls with floral patterns.

  6. De-clutter; this can form part of moving the room around but a spring de-clutter will also make you feel refreshed too. Recycle old magazines and remove anything you don't love in the space (and that doesn't have to stay) and donate it to charity. A deep clean into all the corners of the room and get rid of cards/notes/letters that are no longer needed. If there are things out that you don't like see, find them a home - baskets with lids are great for storing items you need to keep accessible but don't want on display.

  7. Shelf and Mantlepiece styling - remove all items from any shelves, bookshelves, mantlepieces and give them restyle. Adding a few new pieces will help you think of new ways to style them. Top tip - style each area and then remove 1 or 2 things, as there is usually always too much included.

If you are looking to bring in some new pieces, then here are some of my favourite new Spring items.

  1. Sully Modular Floor Cushion in Citadel Blue - £199

  2. Adalyn Floor Lamp. Black Marble & Brass - £139

  3. Durium Leather Lounger. Aged Tan. Nkuku £595

  4. Tall round woven basket. Zara Home. £69.99-79.99

  5. Modern arch metal framed mirror. John Lewis. £175

  6. Mila Twin velvet cushion. Blue/Grey. Square. Next £14

  7. Embellished blooms cushion cover. West Elm £44

  8. Yala Hammered Tumbler. Indigo - Nkuku £36.95

If you're looking to refresh a space that's been neglected, hasn't been invested in for some time, perhaps a guest room that's not been used for awhile but needs some TLC. Then do check out my 'online room refresh' design package! Online access to a designer from the comfort of your home!

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