Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Sometimes the bedroom can be forgotten about - perhaps as a room least likely to be seen by guests and we don't spend much time there right?!

In fact this is the room you start and end your day with. Every day. Its ability to make you feel the way you want to is so crucial. It needs to be help you relax so you can sleep well at night but it also needs to be organised to help you start each day less stressed.

Here's some tips for creating a space that is calm and relaxed. PLUS don't miss some bonus content at the end, but promise you'll read first and not just scroll down!

Scale your furniture. Starting with the bed; a good bed is going to make the difference to a bedroom that is your restful place and one that is not. So the size of the bed comes into play - too big and it can dominate a room and leave little space for other things, too small could make a large room look empty. Tip - try and allow for around 70cm circulation space around your bed.

Keep the bedroom furniture unified. A set of items i.e matching wardrobe, bedside tables, chest of drawers - this makes it much easier to keep things looking the same. However mixing up works too but ensure you keep the same tones e.g white bed frame, look for white or light furniture. The importance of this is so that the scheme ties together - this can really help a bedroom be more restful. Your mind is not distracted by too many different colours or tones and the feeling of unification will make the energy of the room equally more whole.

Storage. To help keep a bedroom calm, make space for your things to be tidied away and to hide clutter will be a big help. Rather than the last thing you see at night being jobs you have to do e.g. dirty washing, washing to put away, paperwork to sort etc, why not have things you love on display. Choose bedside tables with drawers so you can put away wires and electronics. Have the right size clothing storage for your needs (or swap out summer/winter clothes to allow more room). Bring in additional storage boxes or baskets to keep things like hair products, make up etc. Use drawer dividers to get the most out of this storage.

Soft Lighting. Soft mellow light for your bedside tables will help to create a warm atmosphere. Choose lamps with slim designs so they don't take up too much space. Large lamps with big shades are great for displaying on sideboards but not for the bedroom. See above about ensuring furniture and accessories are scaled.

Colours. Certain colours are known for creating reactions that are not restful. Best to avoid colours that over stimulate (red, oranges etc). But if used opt for pastel tones and balance with cooler colours. Cool colours such as greens and blues, especially in the light tones are known for being relaxing. Equally dark colours; warm greys and deep blues can create a space that feels intimate and snug.


To add to the inspiration of a relaxing bedroom I've also created a super chilled and calm playlist for you over on Spotify. So whilst you are doing some decluttering perhaps, thinking about how to update your room or even painting - get into the vibe with this chill playlist -

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