10 Tips for Buying Fake House Plants

While I am always an advocate for real plants, I have often been asked advice about faux plants for households with small children or people who love the look of plants but just don't have green fingers (they've tried!) or the space to grow plants. There are some almost-impossible-to-kill plants you can purchase and hacks you try for small spaces, but sometimes you just need one less thing to worry about! Whilst fake plants or flowers won't smell like the real thing, the benefit is that they will never wilt and you can easily change them up with the seasons.

Which one of the below is a real plant or faux one? The plant on the left/bottom is actually the real one, but its faux counterpart does a pretty good job of looking the same!

Textiles and technology have developed and have come a long way from those super fake silk floral displays you'd find covered in dust in some dingy office. Now, plants can have an almost realistic look in texture and colour. Here are some tips for finding and buying the best life-like faux foliage to brighten up your home.


1. Some of the trendy plants in modern homes can actually look like plastic already - like succulents. If the real ones look fake, then why can't the fake ones look real!

2. Silk plants will generally show more wear from fraying leaves or petals and being bleached by the sun. So the main thing - choose plastic!

3. Aim for plants that already have a naturally 'plastic' look, for example - aloe vera, fiddle leaf, fig tree, snake plants, monstera, some ferns, some palms and of course succulents.

4. Dried grasses, reeds and flower stems can bring life and colour to a space - and don't require care like a real house plant.

5. It is often the underside of artificial plants that can give them away, so spend some time arranging and bending the leaves to conceal the underneath.

6. Another give away is stiff, too perfect stems or leaves. So bend, twist and arrange to create a more natural look.

7. Styling will be key - treat the plant like its real counterpart - you could ever go as far as finding out how it would be planted if 'alive' and try to replicate it.

8. Complimentary pots in the right size and look (that compliment the plant and the rest of the room decor) will add to the charm.

9. Avoid anything too gimmicky and leaves the have a finish that is over shiny. Look for details that give it an organic look.

10. DUST! One big give away is letting your plastic friends get dusty - just like with real plants - you'll need to give them a regular clean.


Whilst fake plants can be more affordable than their real relatives, you do also get what you pay for.

1. Rockett St George have a number of great options from grasses to palms.

2. Handpicking artificial plants since 2008, Blooming Artificial, provide quality trees, plants, flowers, hedges and more - all artificial!

3.Cox & Cox - this faux fig tree looks great styled with a concrete look planter.

4. Ikea - they have tons of options for fake plants, large and small, plus flowers, bouquets and individual leaf stems. They also provide budget friendly options.

5. For something a little different and if you are after more colour - how about dried flowers and grasses or these amazing bouquets by The Happy Blossoms - some dried stems can last up to a year or longer. At the time of writing some of their gorgeous baked blossoms are out of stock but I am keeping a keen eye for when they are

available again!

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