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Discover practical storage, organisational ideas and layouts that you can put into action today.

Are you finding that your current home layout no longer works for you?

Are you now using parts of your home much more than others?

Does it seem that everyone is trying to be in and use the same part of the house at the same time every day?

You feel like you spend more time getting things out of storage and then putting them away, then they're actually used?

Almost every day you find yourself wishing you could have some time to re-think the living spaces, move somethings around, de-clutter and 'make better use' of your home?


When life is already stressful, trying to re-organise your home can be hard to do on your own. Are you wishing you could but finding you don't have the motivation?

​Too often we stick with a furniture layout that doesn’t work, in-efficient storage options and we try to live with temporary solutions - we do this because we don’t know how to make our homes meet all the needs we have and we struggle to make more permanent decisions in case they don’t work.

When life is already stressful, trying to re-organise your home can be hard to do on your own, which is why having someone with the expertise to guide, advise and support can be the difference between wishing you could and actually being able to do it. There are things you can do, right now, to design your home better so that you can enjoy living in it.

As an interior designer making your home work for you and getting the most of the space available are two things I specialise in. It’s my ability to come up with creative solutions, my knowledge of storage and organisation and my digital skills to quickly visualise changes, which means I can help you. 


  • I'll be working with you to understand your unique storage and organisation needs in your home

  • We'll document the current use of all household members

  • Using furniture layouts, together we can quickly find new options that will solve your household needs, create a better flow, and make your home work for your current living arrangements

  • Curating storage ideas, product options and design plans

  • A 60 minute, one to one, workshop.

  • Pre-workshop tasks to complete at home

  • Multiple digital furniture layout options

  • A personalised action plan of solutions that will help you get the most of your home

Want to know more? To chat through the price? Have more questions? Give me a call anytime - 07889880588

£150 - 1 floor level (up to 3 rooms)

Additional Service Offers 


2D Furniture Layouts

3D Room Visualisation

£40 per hour


1:1 Consultations - Online or In person - Focused time to solve your interior questions, give advice on your ideas +more

£40 per hour


From sourcing special one-off pieces to whole project buying - 3% of total cost 

On Site Install

To make sure everything runs smooth on install day. From managing trades to unpacking boxes to assembling furniture


£200 per day 

Add Ons

Lighting Design - £50


Window Treatments - £50

Extra Contact time including phone/email support - Priced individually