My Top February Product Picks

During the projects I've been working on this month and general research/scrolling, these are few of my favourite products I've come across this month. From accessories to radiators!


1. Cloud Night Light

These are just so great. So good for a kids room. Not only do they look fun, they are in fact battery operated meaning there's no need for wires need your child's bed. The also come with a remote control and timer so you can set them to come on at certain times and create that cosy atmosphere to help your little ones fall asleep.

£14.99 From - Lights 4 Fun

Photo - Lights4fUN

2. White Sea Shell Planter

I saw this pop up on my instagram stories and LOVED them! As shown in the photo, used as planters is my favourite idea for these, but you could have them as on their own, maybe with candles?, filled with sweets! The organic shape with the white simplicity is just beautiful. Perfect addition to any shelf or sideboard.

£28 from Rockett St George - 2 sizes available

Photo - Rockett St George

3. This is a radiator.


Stunning right.

Another instagram find via someone sharing - sorry I can't remember who! Because why can't radiators also be art. This is their etched copper option. They also do a whole range of radiators that don't look the plain boring ones we so often have to live with.

From Bisque / Photo - Bisque

4. Just because its fun and sweet. This lovely star shaped cushion. Mustard yellow, about 40cm in size, and its great to add in something a different shape to rest of the cushions. You can also have lots of fun accessorising them; maybe add goggly eyes, embroidered on smile, sequins or ribbons on the end. £9.99 from H&M

5. Work/Wall Lamp

Whilst looking for ideas for a student bedroom I came across this lamp from Ikea. I loved the slime non-obtrusive design. But not only that, it can be attached to a wall - but no need for wiring, as it comes with a cord and plug. It can also be sat on a desk or table and used as a work lamp. Then seal the deal; it includes a built in USB port! So whilst you are reading in bed, this lamp is plugged in, perhaps another electrical device like an electric blanket is too, but its fine as you can still charge your phone. Thanks Ikea! £45 Nymane Ikea

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