Check out the final design made up of all the winning choices from my instagram stories this week. If interiors was a political party campaign, this was election night!

If you missed this on my instagram stories,

then go check out the highlight, 'you decide' on my feed. To bring a bit of fun to the day, I set out the challenge of getting my instagram followers to choose from different options of a room design; from the wall colours to accessories. I started out with introducing the idea and setting up this insta-game for the day. Then, throughout the day I released different parts of the room design, each time giving 2 options and asking followers to vote for their favourite.

It was fun to watch as votes came in and the winning choices kept changing. Some were clearly strong choices from the start whilst others varied throughout the day.

Cosy and Calm Bedroom

The brief given, was a cosy and calm bedroom, and then options for: the wall colours, the accent colours, flooring, bed, bedside tables, bedside lamps, wardrobe, window treatment, lampshade, bedspread, accessories and artwork were presented. There was 24 hours to cast a vote! After which, I promised to use all the winning choices to create a design scheme.....who knew how it would turn out!

The Winning Choices

The favourite wall colour, started out strong in favour of Sapling. Both colours are from Earthborn Paints; who provide good quality eco paint alternatives - I was a little surprised, as I thought Paw Print would be more popular. It then all changed. Although, you can see there wasn't much in. But by the end Paw Print had just taken over.

Accent colours had a strong start for option 2. It became clear, that voters were drawn to darker features rather than neutrals. Option 1 made a come back as the day went on, but not enough to win.

A 2/3rds split in favour of the Oak LVT was consistent throughout the whole day. Only marginally giving some of the vote to the carpet option. This is the LVT used -

I am huge fab of Luxury Vinyl Tiles, after having to source options for a recent project. Easy to lay, easy to remove, multiple options and range of price points; just a few of the benefits!

BEDS - another example of how a darker feature was a consistent popular choice. It clearly was the favourite amongst most of those taking part. Ikea Birch bed frame - BJÖRKSNÄS £299 (winning choice) - dark velvet - Eulia £379

BEDSIDE TABLES - Based on the popular choices of the darker colours, I thought this rustic industrial look option from Wayfair (Urban Rustic, £84) would be more popular. But, I can't blame people for choosing the very lovely Rattan offer (Maison Du Monde, Solstice, £89)

LAMPS - this didn't change much, with the ceramic lamp always staying ahead of the modern copper option. But it was still close; clearly elements of both proved popular. The ceramic (Next, Ochre, £30) has the colour and curved shaped that is trending now. Whilst the modern option (Wayfair, Catlett, £27.99) brings simplicity.


From the 2 options available; the Habitat Light Oak double wardrobe (£795) and the John Lewis Panelled Grey Ash (£245). The panelled choice got a strong start and it kept that lead throughout. Again, another slightly more surprising option but showing the desire for dark features in a bedroom.

At the very last minute, the blinds option suddenly had a flurry of votes but not enough to put it into the winning spot, almost, but not quite. If you're struggling to decide between the 2 - why not opt for both. Blinds (Dunelm, Faux Silk Cream, £25+) for the blackout option at night (and for optimal sleeping condition) with curtains (Next, £50+) to frame the window and give privacy during the day.

Finally, leading the way, the natural rattan look won again (, Java, £49). With a few token votes towards the Next, velvet fringed shade in Ochre (Clarendon, £35).


Finishing off the design were some options for accessories. Sadly this time, it wasn't meant to be for the mushroom lovers. Great news for plant lovers out there, biophilic design (increasing connectivity to the natural elements) is very on trend! Mushrooms (Next, Ceramic Ornament, £5). Fern (Artificial, £30).

Bed throw - this was an interesting one. The cotton chambray (, £99) choice had all the votes at the start. Until the grey waffle (, £49) throw suddenly took over! Perhaps people started to feel cold in the evenings and were drawn to how it looked warmer.

Finally, the art options, whilst similar in neutrality and simplicity. One was a graphic print and the other abstract line drawings. Both from Desenio.


I am impressed at how this design turned out! The colours work together, there are elements repeated throughout the room.

There is a lot of texture going on; velvet, rattan, wood, cotton, waffle stitch throw, tassels, ceramic.... It feels like this could be lovely guest room or a updated grown up room for an older teenager girl.

This was really fun today. I hope you enjoy it, if you took part. Look out for the next one! P.S. Happy to take requests for rooms to do, or if you want to put your own room up for being voted for!

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